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January 01, 2019 1 min read

Photograph from Rainbow Serpent 2013 with my cosmic siStar, Melissa Shemanna, who will be presenting her work along with managing the Evolve Gallery!


It is an incredible honor to announce that I will be returning to Australia to exhibit my artwork in the Evolve Gallery at this year’s Rainbow Serpent Festival, located in Lexton, Victoria! My first adventure “down under” was in 2013, when I embarked upon an Australian International Art Tour hosted by Mosaic Vision. Traveling across the country, I felt deeply connected with the people and the diverse landscape, and this journey had a powerful influence on my growth, both personally and professionally.

I am so honored to be welcomed back to the Evolve Gallery this year to exhibit my work and live paint amongst some of my favorite internationally renowned artists! I will also be giving a presentation on the evolution of my artwork followed by speaking on an international artist panel, “Reclaiming the Vision.” I am dearly looking forward to connecting with friends, new and old, who will be joining together from across the globe for this incredible international gathering. I hope to see you there shining your unique light!


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