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Born into a lineage of artists, Krystle discovered her love, passion and “calling” as a young child. The daughter of a renowned architect, she fondly recalls drawing next to him as he hand-rendered his blueprints. Witnessing the metamorphosis of his designs into physical, monolithic structures engrained within her the power of imagination to shape the world in which we live.  Her grandmothers, both painters, also instilled in her a deep appreciation for the magic of artistic expression.

Catalyzing the evolution of her artwork, a symbol of immense power and beauty intuitively emerged on her canvas in 2005. She discovered a network of circles to be distinguished as the Flower of Life: a template with a deeply embedded history, including its inscription in pyramid walls and its expression in numerous world cultures. This insight led her to an awareness of sacred geometry and the essential patterns from which all life springs.

Geometric rhythms of energy exist within the tiniest of atoms and greatest of galaxies, unifying everything from molecular structures, to crystals, snowflakes, flowers, animals, and human beings. Observing creation with this expanded awareness, Krystle appreciates how the same guiding force behind a hurricane also spins galaxies and why this same spiral is evidenced within each individual. Unlocking harmonious possibilities within divine proportions, her paintings reflect timeless wisdom embedded within an eloquent tapestry of the universe.

Krystle has been a featured visual artist at international festivals including Cosmic Convergence Festival in Guatemala, Envision Festival in Costa Rica, Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia, and at countless events spanning across the United States. In 2011, she won a sponsorship to be the “ambassador” for visionary art at Chimbre healing center in Peru. In 2013, she embarked upon a visionary art tour in Australia hosted by Mosaic Vision Productions and she returned again as a visual artist in 2019. In addition to live painting, she’s painted murals in Peru, Chile and the US, including her notable contribution to the "Mushroom Cafe” mural at COSM in New York.

Krystle teaches workshops on sacred geometry and art, working with students of all ages to cultivate a deeper understanding of the fundamental shapes and patterns found in nature. She also offers her creative services as a freelance designer and consultant.

Krystle graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BFA in 2007. Currently based in Milwaukee, she has exhibited at galleries in Wisconsin, California, Colorado and Arizona and her work can be found in private collections across the US.