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Number and Shape as Archetypes:

Working with sacred geometry requires a shift in the way that we relate with numbers and shapes. Number and shapes go hand in hand…one can’t exist without the other. Geometry isn’t just a “measurement” that exists outside of our selves; it is a fundamental tool of consciousness that is found WITHIN us….

Numbers and shapes reveal the archetypes embedded in the collective consciousness. A journey into the essence of both number and shape is essentially an evolutionary journey through Creation. They are the ideal forms and principles that consciousness uses to manifest Creation. Classically, the building blocks of matter have been referred to as the “Platonic Solids.” but we’ll return to these later.

The number one is represented by a circle. This is the universal archetype of unity, wholeness & completion. it is the number of pure energy flow. The number one (and the circle) are the foundation for every other number & shape. They are they bedrock upon which all else is built.

111,111 x 111,111 = 12345678987654321

The number two is represented by a line, or by two interconnected circles (called a Vesica Piscis). This number/shape relationship describes the necessary balance of polarity (man/woman, light/dark) that is at the heart of all existence. The number two represents the mirror of consciousness, as well as expansion.

The number three is represented by a triangle. This is the universal archetype of balance, strength and stability. It symbolizes the trinity of body/mind/spirit.

(to be continued)